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Andi Vigani
Andi Vigani

Born in Albania, moved at the age of 11 to Italy and graduated from Scientific Liceum PNI in 2008. He studied Building Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and did some internships in Italy and abroad.


In 2013 got a Master's degree in Digital Architecture at the IN/ARCH of Rome, by winning with Oscar Gutiérrez the best thesis award. He also founded ArchTwits, an on-line forum for the architecture in Luxembourg.

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Computational Design
Web Design

Selected works

Big Scale
  • Social Housing Limoges
  • Ponte Nuovo - Competition
Small Scale
  • Maison Alesier
  • Hotel Montecarlo
Advanced Modelling
  • Diamant du Lac
  • Progetto Carta
  • Tensegrity Modelling
  • Masterplan Sappada


Architecture Practices
  • FMAU, La Rochelle FR
  • 05.2012-10.2012

  • Vittorio Grassi, Milano IT
  • 09.2011-01.2012

  • Atelier du Sud, Petange LU
  • 10.2010-11.2010
Other relevant
  • POECKES Civil Engineering
  • 09.2010-02.2012, Rumelange LU

  • PoliMi, prof.ssa M. Pignataro, 2011/2012
  • Student's tutor for the Technical Drawing course
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[Computational Design for Architecture]
- Andi VIGANI works and research -

  • The polygon-mesh is a way of coding and representation for the virtual models, not the only one but one of the most precise, mostly used from the virtual-games to the projects enginering. Its's just a list of numbers behind almost every 3d-model that we see every day... And it's the name of my blog too. Here You can find some posts around my projects, each one with a better description, something more that only a few selected pictures. For some of them You can also download a pdf file, with a more complete description.

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Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information about my work.

Phone: +39 328 7979 822

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